Green Diamond 6x6x6 (24ct /case)

Green Diamond 6x6x6 (24ct /case)

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Green Diamond Stonewool Grow Blocks (6″x6″x6″) are the second stepping stone to a growing plant. This transplanting medium is a model environment for the vegetation state of a plant.

Balanced water retention and air ratio lead to the reduction of algae, making Green Diamond Stonewool Grow Blocks the ideal medium for the final flowering phase.

Green Diamond Stonewool is manufactured in North America. Stonewool is also known as mineral wool, or rockwool. The manufacturing process uses basalt, volcanic rocks which is melted in a high temperature furnace, blown with air that create fibers (similar to spinning cotton candy), compressed and cut. Green Diamond Stonewool products are designed to create healthier root systems and larger yields. Our stonewool has the perfect amount of air pockets and encourages vigorous, multidirectional root growth throughout.

Try Green Diamond Stonewool products today and experience the difference.