HLVd In-House Commercial Testing Packages

Commercial HLVd Testing Packages

Hop Latent Viroid in cannabis is a very serious and costly issue causing stunting, malformation or chlorosis of leaves, brittle stems, and reduction in yields.

Our cutting-edge HLVd testing kits allow you to detect Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd) and other prevalent Cannabis pathogens in your plants. With our industry-leading technology, you can confidently identify these pathogens and gather essential data to make informed decisions for your garden, preventing any detrimental economic consequences.

This will allow your cultivation to have a complete and in-house testing setup.

Custom packages available for Commercial Cannabis Cultivations.
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Dark Heart Nursery Research Finds 90% of California Facilities Test Positive for Hop Latent Viroid

A cannabis plant infected with HpLVd. Same strain, age and inputs as in the first photo.

Our dedicated sales team goes beyond just selling you the HLVd Testing Kit; we're committed to ensuring you have the knowledge and support needed to successfully implement it. From the moment of purchase, we offer comprehensive setup assistance and guidance on getting started with testing. Our knowledgeable team members will walk your employees through each step of the process, from unpacking the kit to conducting the first test. We're there to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and provide detailed explanations, ensuring your team feels confident in conducting the tests independently. We understand the importance of your crop's health and are committed to making sure your operation can effectively utilize our product for optimal results. With our team by your side, you won't just be buying a testing kit - you'll be investing in a partnership for success.